Ris3n Clothing

Ris3n Clothing looks to revitalize brand

By: Aaron Bunton
Email: atbunt10@smumn.edu

Revitalizing any brand and its industry presence isn’t an easy thing to do.

 A company can try all it wants to force something new down the throats of its consumers. Many companies have tried and many companies have failed. 

The few that succeed are the ones that offer something very unique and very new to the industry before competitors can step in and offer the public alternative products or services.

Ris3n is a clothing company that was established in 2010 by Tyler Chilson . He offers something different. Passion. Passion for the sport of baseball. Passion for the sport of golf. Passion for music. Passion for his friends and family. Above all passion for life.

The meaning of the brand name Ris3n in his own words is “to rise above, to have gotten past difficulties in life, overcoming adversity and rising to the top.”

Yes the clothing industry is difficult. Many try. And many fail. Tyler Chilson is not an individual to give up easily on anything he does, and this includes the Ris3n brand. 

Many steps are being taken in the right direction towards creating a new line of clothing. Currently there are no clothing items in stock for sale, but stay tuned he hopes to release some new designs soon.

You can visit Ris3n’s website at http://www.ris3nclothing.com to find out more information.

Comments and feedback are always helpful! 


Facebook: Ris3n Clothing Co.


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