Ris3n supports local Minnesota music movement

17 Apr

Back in January, Ris3n Clothing Co., sponsored “651 Records,”a local Minnesota Hip Hop group, at a local Twin Cities night club.

Based out of Stillwater, Minn., 651 Records has made a name for itself by gaining popularity throughout the Twin Cities and throughout many social media websites.  The main artists who make up the group:


“651 Records”

all play a role for “promoting and publishing the music of underground rappers,” according to 651 Record’s Facebook page.

Tyler Chilson, the owner of Ris3n, has supported 651 Records for more than year, supplying them with free Ris3n gear and inspiration at their concerts.  The most recent 651 Records concert was last January at the Honey Night Club in Minneapolis.(See video link for  651 Records @ Honey Night Club, Minneapolis, Minn.)

“I love these guys, I grew up with them (Trinh, Amos, Everett) and have always been supportive even before I created the Ris3n line,” Chilson said.

“It just so happens that I’m now able to be supportive of their music, and be able to sponsor and supply them with Ris3n gear throughout their movement.”

For rapper Trinh, one of the original 651 Records’ members, he has found inspiration with the Ris3n brand and has even rapped about Ris3n in the song “Fast Life (Prod. Amos).”

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything Chilson has done for us,” Trinh said, “he is definitely part of the 651 crew.”

“We’re all our own solo artists, but we’re all trying to get our music heard throughout Minnesota…it helps us knowing that we have him at our backs every step of the way.”

Looking forward, 651 Records will be performing along side Doomtree’s Mike Mictlan on Thursday, April 18 @ 9:00PM.  The performance is in Duluth, Minn., at The Rafters and is free to students.

For more information, click this link http:/https://www.facebook.com/events/482102395194870/


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