4 tips to help sell a brand

by: Aaron Bunton

It’s not easy to sell a brand to a completely random stranger.

There are definitely steps to take before you can just start selling a product.  These steps however are not concrete and allow for a unique way to get your product noticed by the intended audience or other companies within the related industry.

First off, have a vision, or purpose for your brand that other people can relate to.  For example, the company that I am currently working for is called Ris3n Clothing Co., and the main purpose or message that the designer wants to send to its intended audience is to stay passionate about life and continue putting effort towards a goal, hobby, career, whatever it is, and to rise above the animosity you may receive for it.  If you can develop a strong message and something different, or unique, you will have a solid foundation for your brand.

Second, know your intended audience.  If you have not the slightest clue of who you are selling your brand to, my question to you is, why are you selling that brand?  To know your intended audience you must take the proper steps towards really getting down to the nitty-gritty stuff such as: the age of the customer, their disposable income, their location, what types of access they have to your product (online or traditional advertisements), what type of education they have, how many family members, basically just demographics of your intended customers.

Third, remember to be personal, not just a business.  Your brand can’t be overwhelming on the Internet and social media sites.  You can’t sell a brand by putting CAPS LOCKS and !!!! after every sentence.  You must understand that most people on the Internet aren’t going to click on any links like these.  People are looking for other links, the ones that not a lot of people know about.  Most people enjoy word-of-mouth communicating with their friends, whether it is gossip, new music, new products, etc.  Thinking critically about your audience, most people want to find something that’s not well-known and share it with their friend either through physical word-of-mouth communication or online social media websites.  This is why there are ‘share’ buttons on Facebook, Retweets on Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Fourth, take your time developing the brand.  To get people to like or accept the brand and become a repeat customer, you must take the time and develop the brand beyond what you think is necessary.  Take your time with designs.  Don’t just throw something half-assed onto the Internet and expect it to take hold.  You must get general conversation going within the related industry.  Take a look at this article by Jon Kruse which gives ten articles for a starting out entrepreneur.  Although he writes about specifically the clothing industry, you can use your imagination and twist what he says slightly for whatever your product or service you are trying to sell.

As I continue learning more and more about selling products and brands, I will continue posting interesting blogs and related content to my readers.

Thanks for reading!

Feedback and comments are always helpful!

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